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E Class Accordion
E Class Tuning Options

There are a number of tunes available for different E class models. Some of which are listed below:

If your model is not listed below contact us to see if there are tunes available!


The Eurocharged 55 Series Tune is Legendary – You can also add a pulley for even more gains!

Stock Power 469HP/512TQ


EuroCharged Tuned Power 512HP/563TQ



E55 Headers

Our high flow exhaust headers greatly reduce exhaust gas back pressure allowing the engine to breathe freely and produce more power, and supercharged as well as normally aspirated engines will benefit from the use of these headers.

A normally aspirated V8 will typically gain 7 to 10 percent in horse- power and torque, while a supercharged engine will gain as much as 15 percent in horsepower and torque. The header kits include down-pipes.

The exhaust system has wider pipes and modified rear mufflers, which promotes higher power and torque levels, and the sound is just phenomenal – something you have to experience!   $799 USD

E55 Headers

E63 Accordion

E63 Bi Turbo – M157 $2799 USD

Stock Power 465HP / 469TQ

Eurocharged Tuned Power 643HP / 705TQ



E63 Non Turbo $1199 USD

  Stock Eurocharged
Peak Power (bhp) 518 540
Peak Torque (lb-ft) 465 494